The First Year of the rest of our lives


By Rochelle R. Dean

Founder of Candid Concepts Development and an active member of the TAP Network. She has been co-chairperson of the Indicators Task Force of the Beyond 2015 campaign and also a part of the Together 2030 Initiative. She is a scholar and was recently recognized by the Borgen Project for her articles on poverty alleviation.

The 1st year of Together 2030 has been ostentatious and reflective of the solidarity of the importance of the sustainable development goals globally.

Together 2030 is very important to me this year as I proactively joined in with other experts in the field of development to foster full transparency, accountability and participation of the implementation of the global goals that have been framed to impact all nations.

As I fully engaged at the global level; I was able to continue to provide support and more importantly, I was able to learn from the many individuals who also direct the SDG’s and are major stakeholders in their success.

As I reflect on the development of the framework for the goals and my participation in the drafting process, I recognize that the goals are rather problematic as it relates to the implementation for all country’s both developed and developing.

When I consider comparative advantages and competitive research measures; I have actively been concerned with the idea that the goals will eliminate economic regression or regressive analysis tools that many countries may have to apply before fully implementing the goals to take the SDG’s from policy to action.

I recommend that countries be pooled together according to demographics and or cultural similarities; taking into consideration colonialism and colonization for both developing and developed countries as a means for further monitoring.

I also recommend that all partners and stakeholders who intend to engage prepare for total transparency and encourage all actors to fully engage and provide accurate data collection.

Moving forward with the sustainable development goals will call for a clear view of how these goals will impact each nation at national, regional and international levels.

What must be the #1 objective is to recognize the role these goals will play for future generations according to each nation’s position on sustainability, economic outputs, human development and most importantly their overall view of poverty. I do believe that with these factors; one must consider the significant impact the SDG’s will have globally.

While this is certainly an historic time; it is very important that should all partners and stakeholders want to see the ultimate success of the implementation of the SDG’s from policy to action; the momentum must continue to be as strong as it has been for the past year.

As we continue to participate in the action plan of the sustainable development goals. I am very positive and committed to the implementation and track process of the first year of the rest of our lives.


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