Make It Perfect: SDGs and Youth in Indonesia

Author: Stevie Leonard Harison In Indonesia the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are called  Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan, which includes a vision and a mission to bring the country to a more advanced stage of national development. Since 2015, the SDGs already have been promoted through various channels especially governmental agencies and international organizations that operate in the… Continue reading Make It Perfect: SDGs and Youth in Indonesia

Universities, Academics, and Agenda 2030

Author: Dr. Graham Long – @grahamlong9 Universities, globally, have a unique place in accelerating implementation of the SDGs, even as they face uneven contexts and challenges.  They can play a key role in engaging youth as a force for change, and in helping to generate the knowledge, analysis and expertise needed to understand and implement the… Continue reading Universities, Academics, and Agenda 2030

Accelerating the implementation of Agenda 2030 through developing the capacities of civil society globally

Author: Deirdre de Burca The international community marked the second anniversary of the adoption of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in September 2017. Civil society also mobilized around the anniversary, in particular on the Global Day of Action on September 25th  (See actions showcased at The global mobilization that took place was an opportunity… Continue reading Accelerating the implementation of Agenda 2030 through developing the capacities of civil society globally

Millennials on the 2030 Agenda

Author: Juan David Castro León – @alotropo @MYWorldMexico  One of the narratives that permeated the collective imagination with respect to the millennial generation is the one of being superfluous for having a constant need of recognition and giving much importance to money, to have been born with all the comforts and in a bubble generated by the spoiling… Continue reading Millennials on the 2030 Agenda

Millennials en la Agenda 2030

Autor: Juan David Castro León – @alotropo @MYWorldMexico Una de las narrativas que permearon el imaginario colectivo con respecto a la generación milénica es la de ser superfluos por tener una constante necesidad de reconocimiento y darle mucha importancia al dinero, haber nacido con todas las comodidades y en una burbuja generada por los propios padres consentidores que… Continue reading Millennials en la Agenda 2030

Neglected Goals

Author: Waqar Ahmed Wains In Pakistan, after the commitment towards the  United Nation’s Sustainable Development  Agenda 2030, the current elected government  inducted a program named “Vision 2025” , aiming to achieve the SDGs before the target time. The has announced initiatives to form parliamentary committees on SDGs and to allocate specific amounts from the annual budget… Continue reading Neglected Goals

Implementation of 2030 Agenda: SDGs Practices in India

Authors: Anant Bhaskar Garg and Manisha Agarwal – @HRDEFIndia India’s Philosophy of ‘One World’, Global Partnership, and culture of support is known for centuries. Uniting all stakeholders for their role in shaping the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on three pillars of economy, social, environment with culture based on the principles of equality and… Continue reading Implementation of 2030 Agenda: SDGs Practices in India