Challenging perspective – a reflection from a Northern NGO

As a Northern NGO with a specific mandate, how should we best respond to the 2030 Agenda – does it actually change anything for us?


Why we come together?

By: Andrew Griffiths (Sightsavers); Arelys Bellorini (World Vision); Busani Sibindi (Save Matabelaland), Gomer Padong (Philippine Social Enterprise Network), John Patrick Ngoyi (JDPC), Philipp Schonrock (CEPEI) and Naiara Costa (Beyond 2015/Together 2030) As many, many others in civil society and other non-governmental actors, we have engaged strongly in the post-2015 process and in the definition of Agenda… Continue reading Why we come together?

Sharing ideas and experiences

Dear Together 2030 colleagues and partners, As we set up this initiative, we want to create a space where our members and partners can share views, experiences and materials related to the implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030. This blog will be open to all members of the initiative and will accept posts whose content… Continue reading Sharing ideas and experiences